The Buzz: Earth-Friendly Uses for Coffee Grounds

Living sustainably and economically is a way-of-life mantra, and coffee can become part of that daily grind. Rather than tossing spent coffee grounds into the trash, try throwing them into the garden or compost bin! Keep in mind, doing good for plants and the earth offers a great opportunity to involve kids for a fun, family-oriented teachable moment.

Did you know that you can compost with used Coffee Grounds?
Composting with coffee is a great way to make use of a coffee-drinker’s everyday item. Used coffee grounds add nitrogen to a compost pile. Please note used coffee grounds are considered “green compost” and will require the addition of “brown compost” components like wood chips, dry leaves, sawdust or newspaper, for a solid source of carbon.

Coffee Grounds as Fertilizer or Mulch
That “victory garden” is another excellent place for used coffee grounds. Added directly to the soil, coffee grounds are a fantastic organic fertilizer with essential nutrients to help plants grow, attract worms and decrease heavy metals in soil. Simply sprinkle thinly onto the soil. To use coffee grounds as a mulch, mix them with compost, or raked into top-soil to keep the grounds from clumping together.